Monday, May 19, 2014

cnbc news about room mates for seniors as extra income

Living with roommates when you're 25 is one thing. When you're 65, it's another story—but it's a reality for a growing number of older Americans.
Middle-class seniors and the growing wave of baby boomers behind them want to stay in their homes and communities as they grow old, but escalating costs of everything from food to medication to property taxes; battered retirement portfolios; and dwindling savings have today's older Americans looking to become ad hoc landlords or tenants, even if the practice is forbidden by zoning restrictions.

this room renting is in reality not always a good thing, just 100% up front reality, based on experience


  1. Based on experience, some people are ok, older people who are in transition, divorce, new jobs, are the best. If people are types you do not get along with other places, you will not in a house sharing deal. If you have any problems at other places, in your neighborhood, those problems might try to come into your house as a renter. I have quit renting my extra rooms to complete strangers, other races- non whites have almost always been problems, people with certain types of jobs have always been problems, certain age groups-younger than me have been problems, especially those who flash cash with no college degrees. Beware of 'too polite and perfect' up front, it goes away quickly, and gets ugly, hidden ugly, ugly when no others are around many times. No renter is better than a problem most of the time. I will not settle for jobs around punk people, and rented my rooms after punks at jobs etc. helped me go bankrupt, well they will also come into your home if you allow, and the law has very little credibility of being right, punks in the law are many times on punk renters side, for what ever personal reasons each individual has for every thing, every where.

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  3. Based on experience, people are guilty based on association, past incidents. Some people are jealous when home owners make 'easy room rental money' even try to murder or poison people. When a person rents a room , there is a reason, is it a good reason? for the renter and land lord, both sides are doing it for bad reasons other places, or just plain easy money? whatever. I myself have 30+ years of hell with te law and court, bank rupted me, scum at kc stock brokers and state license offices/rules which are blatant ignored with me. I came from a Lawyer, Ivy League, very special and unique indeed, I have decided with experience. Every one has different experiences, apply all experiences and gut feel to all issues, including room rental, there are punks/flunks/criminals- look a likes, identity thieves, in all colors, disguises, what ever. 'look a likes' is not what a person looks like, but that issue of what a person 'looks like' is a real indicator, and all kinds of twisted issues come out of that, relevant and irrelevant